Chabanel – 몬트리올의 동대문


주소 555 Chabanel
평점 8/10
추천메뉴 몬트리올 대표적인(숨겨진) 패션 아웃렛


샤바넬은 몬트리올이 예전에 패션 산업으로 명성을 떨칠때 형성된 거리이며 각종 패션 관련 도소매 업체들이 모여있습니다.

아카디길과 생로랑 사이 좌우 빌딩들이 전부 의류, 가방, 악세사리, 부자재 등의 아이템을 취급하며 도매만 전문으로 하는 곳이 많지만 소매도 겸하는 곳도 있습니다.  특히 샘플 세일을 하면 저렴하게 구매를 하실 수가 있습니다.

Live – Shop – Work – Learn

A lively and stimulating community spirit is evident among those working in the neighbourhood today, a spirit that will surely be shared by new residents as they benefit from local knowledge and expertise.

The Chabanel district is very eco-friendly, it has many green spaces and provides wonderful views of Montreal. The Chabanel district is home to a wide range of businesses engaged in fashion, creation, design, innovation and marketing. It’s easy and accessible to work in the Chabanel district!

Given its commercial diversification, the Chabanel district is expected to evolve in dramatic fashion over the next few years. Major changes have revitalized the neighbourhood. It’s now a place where business is booming; more than $20 million has been invested in the area by the City of Montreal and Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

The floor spaces available to creators and entrepreneurs are extensive, varied and affordable. Moreover, access to the area meets the needs of both day-to-day circulation and goods transportation.

The greater Acadie-Chabanel area is an important centre of employment in Montreal, with 1,243 companies and nearly 20,000 jobs with great benefits.

For more information about the Chabanel district, contact Mr. Eyal Cohen, member of the Regroupement Chabanel.